Persuasive Speech on Child Abuse

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Da Joker

About a time that you have to battle or combat something or someone like Odysseus fought the six headed monster.

It’s about how many times I been in accidents, about how did it effect on my life and if I got something god or bad out of it and if you could give an example to another person My first accident was in the head. It all had happened when I first got to Texas from Ecuador. I was feeling a little thing in the top of my head and I started to touch it and getting curious about it as the days went by. So, I decided to tell my mom about this little thing in my head. When my mom first found out about what I had in my head she was nervous and we went to some doctor to ask about what was happening to me. Then, the doctor checked my head and he said it was a tumor. First, I didn’t think it was true, but when he explained me about how that little thing could get in my head, I actually believed every word he said. I was scared about the surgery because it was my first time in a situation like that. My second accident was in the beach three years from now, it was summer and I went to Ecuador with my sister and my little brother to spend time with my family and friends. I spent some time at my aunt and uncle’s house with my 2 cousins and one day they decided to do something out of the house. We went to this beach called “Playas,” located one hour away from their house, and we were having fun all together. Later on, my uncle “Jimmy” and my cousin “Pipo” and I decided to go into the beach and suddenly huge waves came towards us and pull us deeper to the ocean. We were trying to get out, but each time we tried to swim to the land the water pull us back farther. After that, my uncle came out of the water because he is tall and he went to look for help. Then, some lifeguards came out of nowhere and my uncle told them about us in the water. They ran to look for us in the water and save us. I was relieved that we were saved but...
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