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Topics: God, Trinity, Jesus Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Jazmin De La Rocha
World Religions
God is Three Persons
        My question is why do Catholics believe that God is Three Persons and called the Holy Trinity? How can God be three persons and still be one God? I am Catholic but I still question myself on this.  I did some research and it said that God had described himself to us as our Father, our Son, and the Holy Spirit.  They also said that God is everything and anything because he is the one who created the world.  I think this question is important to me because I want to understand the concept of God being three Persons.         The main element of this belief is that God is a single God, but each aspect of God is an individual.  The Trinity is the main key to Christianity, and it is a confusing concept to most.  People belief that Christianity is polytheistic because of the Trinity, but    I belief that the Holy Trinity is not a polytheistic belief, but it is a part of Gods mystery.  God presents himself as three discrete persons joined in one.  God’s form are very important, and have a specific purpose in building a relation and learning how to grow a spiritually maturity with him.  One way to explain each role is sort of confusing, but God is our Father; the one we pray to.  He is the one who created everything and the universe.  In this earth he plays the role as our father, and he is the one who sets the rules for how we should live our lives in this world.  Then there is God the Son, who is Jesus.  Jesus is the son of God, the one who came into this earth to show us how to live our lives and set positive examples.  He is the one who lived a sinless life, and forgave everyone who did wrong.  He is the one who sacrificed himself to save us from sin.  Jesus wants us to serve others and put others first, then he wants us to love them as he did.  Basically, Jesus the son of God was a servant to others.  Lastly there was the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is our guardian guiding us to the light...
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