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Body paragraph

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Deep sea is nothing but the stumpy level in the marine that is found in the depth of more than 1800 m. This area is completely dark because no light can make a way inside it. 71 % portion of the earth is occupied by water and people are utilizing ocean for various purposes such as transportation, fishing, exploration and many more. However, the deep part of the sea is still remains untouched. Seeing the situation majority of the scientist thought that life would be scant in the deep sea, but almost each search has discovered that life is plentiful in this reason. The deepest layer of ocean has lots of unthinkable stories, secrecy and legends that make mankind more curious about the life that is surviving bottom of the sea. People are aware the moon since it is easily viewable compared to Deep Sea. People didn’t assumed the possibility of life at the bottom but later as the colonies of shrimp and other organisms discovered, people starting believing that there are creatures surviving in dark. Sun light and oxygen can't reach so deep but still life is surviving, it has become a discovery that says life can even exist without oxygen or Sun light that enhance the possibility of life everywhere else. For many decades, the sea has been a scientific research center to discover new species. The discoveries consist of many different forms of various deep sea creatures. Deep sea creatures are nothing but fishes and other animals that survive down in the deepest part of the ocean. Fishes are presented in different shapes and abilities. Some of them don't look like fishes but resemble to eels similar to snakes. You can find puffer fishes, which actually expand like balloon to save their life from predators.
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