Persuasive Speech

Topics: Humans, Human, Feeling Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Persuasive Speech:

Life in this community is already filled with so many rules that I cannot stand. I, personally do not approve the fact that people must apologize for everything they’ve done, are required to share their dreams and feelings, and filling out an application in order to adopt a baby. When saying a scripted apology, people don’t actually mean it. They are just saying that because they are forced too so there’s really no point. Sharing your feelings and dreams, most people don’t care and it’s invading their privacy. And I would like it if people raised their OWN children, not some stranger’s baby. Apologizing is the act to express or make an apology; acknowledge failings or faults. The people in this community have to apologize for every little thing done wrong. It is not even sincere which means they don’t feel like they’ve done anything wrong but still say sorry because they must. It is not fair to the person who the apology is being said to because they expect the person to actually feel terrible when they really don’t. You can never distinguish the difference when people actually regret committing that action or just simply say it to stay away from trouble. For example let’s say this guy told this girls secret to the whole class and he said sorry but it wasn’t heartfelt but the girl responds “I accept your apology” when she really doesn’t. This guy should feel bad for what he did and he should mean it. I suggest that people shouldn’t be forced to apologize if they don’t notice what they’ve done incorrectly. If you want them to recognize what they’ve done wrong, then you can make them clean the neighborhood or clean bikes or something that can benefit both the person and the community. People shouldn’t be forced to say lies. It’s unfair to the person and by giving them community service would be a pretty good punishment. What I don’t get is why you force people to share their feelings and dreams every night to their family. There is no...
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