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Topics: Concussion, Post-concussion syndrome, Players Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Imagine you’re a NFL running back and you run up the field for a huge gain. The safety is there to meet you with a vicious helmet to helmet hit. You wake up on a stretcher being carried to the locker room. The crowd giving you a standing ovation. You most likely have suffered a concussion. Concussions are becoming more and more serious as today’s athletes are becoming bigger, faster, and stronger. Rules are being changed every year to try and make it safer. But is it really safe? I am going to tell you my opinion on player safety.

I have watched sports my whole entire life. I have seen many vicious hits, punches, tackles, elbows, you name it. If its involved in a sport ive probably seen it. But as I was younger I never really thought about the future effects of injuries to a player. Now that I’m older I see what it really does. There have been some players who have said in interviews that their memory is going or they are depressed. All signs of post concussion symptoms. There has been a couple players who have died or committed suicide because their brain was messed up from being hit so much.

The NFL is where you see the most concussions. The NFL has tried to make it safer by changing the equipment to make it safer. They have done more studies on the helmets to make them absorb more shock and to protect the head more. They also have changed the rules on hitting. Players now get fined for hitting another player. Players have been outraged with this rule change but I agree with it. Players need to stop worrying about trying to get on tv for a big hit and focus more on the fundamentals of football like safe tackling. Yes I enjoy seeing players get “jacked up” as they say on tv but their health is more important. The media can help to by stop talking about hard hits and rewarding players for it by putting them on tv. I love sports more than anything! I originally wanted to get into sports medicine so I could help find a way to prevent concussions and improve...
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