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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Persuasive Speaking and Speech Writing Marie Blanche Information


What is Happiness?
The dictionary define happiness as a mental or emotional state of well being characterize by positive or pleasant emotion ranging from contentment to intense joy. Some other people define happiness as not something you experience but something you remember. When you really look up there are so many definition of happiness that at a point if you want refer on those definition to major your happiness you will be really confuse. Happiness cannot be measure only estimated.

Every one should have his/her definition of happiness. I will define happiness, as being in a stage in life were you receive more positivity then negativity. Happiness for me is when you have a free mind and open joyful heart. Happiness is living every minute of your life with love, grace and gratitude. Happiness is when you have accomplish the things you want in life and you are living you dreams.

In our society today happiness comes in different forms. For some people happiness means wealth, power and fame. For others being happy is being satisfied with what you have and living your life to the fullest. Happiness sometimes can be seen or experience in different way depending on people desire and expectation. You will see people with wealth and power but still they wont be happy because happiness comes from inside.

In our society happiness is usually seen or approach wrongly. We tend to judge it in the outside and not form deed in the heart. For example: We see stars and everything they have as the happiest people in...
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