Persuasive Presentations

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Assignment 8-B: Persuasive Presentation (100 marks: see rubric on next page) Instructions:
Create an on-screen presentation for your persuasive presentation. A. Design Elements (see rubric on next page for distribution of marks) 1. Create at least seven slides (no more than 15)

2. Start with a title slide that includes the presentation title and your name (title slide layout) 3. Choose slide layouts according to design principles (CARP) * Include a title on each slide

* Format bullet levels appropriately
* Add line spacing where needed
4. Arrange graphics and text according to design principles (CARP) 5. Add text animation consistently throughout the presentation: * Animate all titles the same way
* Animate all subtext or bullets the same way (may be different from title animation) 6. Add a slide transition and apply to all slides
7. Include at least two animated objects
8. Follow the Rule of 77 and the KISS principle
9. Include the date, your name, and the slide number on each slide in the footer 10. Apply an appropriate design template
* Ensure the design works with your content
* Ensure color is used effectively
* Ensure appropriate fonts are used
B. Content (see rubric on next page for distribution of marks) 1. Choose an interesting title for the presentation (1 slide) 2. State your point clearly—the controversy and your stance (1 slide) 3. Include a slide for each of your counter arguments (2 slides) 4. Include a slide for your supporting points or reasons for your stance (1-3 slides) 5. Include a summary slide supporting your views (tell them what you told them) (1 slide) 6. End with a slide showing how to get further information (1 slide) 7. Cite your sources throughout. May be in smaller font on bottom edge of slide. 8....
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