Persuasive Paper on Cloning

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  • Published : May 16, 2006
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Human cloning is morally unethical and very dangerous, and should not be put into trials. Animal cloning, the step that must be achieved before human cloning, has many problems with it itself. It is expensive and highly inefficient most of the time. There's also a high defect rate with animal clone testing, and furthermore human cloning creates beings with no genetic diversity between people.

Animal cloning is very costly and not worth it. The costs, according to the Cloning Fact Sheet is in excess of over 7 billion dollars. And they have yet to produce an animal who has not died within a short period of time. Cloning is costly and a lot of the tax dollars paid are going to it…and not even showing much for it. Dolly the sheep was attempted 276 times before she was finally cloned, and even then she died of a strange lung disease developed only in a short period of time. Close to 3 million dollars on a sheep that lived a shorter lifetime than a goldfish, you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? Animal cloning…something we've not quite got down yet, can only be described as unsafe. According to scientists studying animal cloning 90% of animal cloning fails to produce viable offspring. Cloned mice seem to have a pattern of living in poor health and dying early, while animal clones have been known to die mysteriously as well. For example Australia's first cloned sheep was extremely healthy on the day she died, and after an autopsy a cause of death could not be determined. In 2002 researchers have discovered that genomes in mice are becoming more and more compromised as the process goes on, showing that they're getting farther away from their goal the more they experiment.

Clones are a genetic carbon copy of another human being. By cloning a person you cut back genetic diversity in the world. When a man and a woman create a human life they give the child certain chromosomes, in genetic cloning, those chromosomes are lost, meaning we lose some...
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