Persuasive Paper in Renting an Apartment Is a Better Option Than Buying a House

Topics: Real estate, Apartment, Renting Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Reynold Phillip
January 30, 2011
Assignment # 2

Topic: Is Renting an Apartment considered a better option than owning a house? 1. What are the requirements needed to rent an apartment? 2. What am I responsible for when I rent a landlord home? 3. How long is the lease for?

When trying to purchase home what are the requirements?
1. How does my credit report look like? Is excellent, fair, or poor? 2. How do I go about purchasing a mortgage?
3. How do I go about finding a professional Real Estate Agent? My plan and point of view in this persuasive paper is trying to persuade the reader that renting an apartment always easier than buying a home. The renter should first look into all options available. If you are interested in renting, consider doing some internet research and in the newspapers. Another decision, you can look at various places and the neighborhoods if it is suitable for you and your family and the safety of the neighborhood. The renter also has the option of negotiating in a price range of renting a home. Some apartments varies in price range according to the neighborhoods that you will like to consider living. There are options also to consider when purchasing a home especially as a first time home buyer. First you need to get a mortgage to purchase a home. Another factor make sure your credit history is excellent A few months before you start house hunting, get copies of your credit report, make sure the facts are correct, and fix any problems you discover. Another factor is consider your annual salary when purchasing a home. Why? The fact is you must be able to maintain your home
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