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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Soccer is the most popular game

Soccer, the most popular sport in the world. Organized soccer is played in 144 nations, with nearly 20 million players participating. The essence of soccer is its simplicity. Known as football in much of the world, it is still a game for the masses, speaking a language that knows no international barriers.

Now I am going to talk about why soccer is the most popular game.

I. Age
II. Popularity
III. Stadium crowd capacity
IV. T.v. rating
V. Impact of soccer players in the world

Transition: Now I am going to talk about how old the game of soccer is.

I. Age

A. Originated in China in the 2nd and 3rd centurie B.C.
Transition: Popularity is the second cause of why soccer is so famous. II. Popularity

A. It is a fun game to watch and to enjoy while playing with your family and friends. B. You only need a ball.
C. It is played all over the world because it doesn’t need a lot of expensive equipment. D. It can be played anywhere; a field, a beach, in a basketball court, open spaces etc. Transition: I am going to make a comparison between the crowds in a soccer stadium and other sports stadiums. III. Stadium Crowd Capacity

A. Soccer is the sport with the biggest stadiums of all other sports. B. The Camp Nou of Barcelona fits 112,000 in capacity compared to the Yankee stadium whom fits 57,575. Transition: Now im going to show you wich sport is more watched. IV. T.v. rating

A. A cumulative total of 30 billion viewers tuned into the FIFA World Cup 2002, of which one billion watched the Brazil-Germany final alone. B. Some entire nations come to a stop when the whistle of a referee blows for kick-off on the World Cup C. Of the 10 most watched sports ratings soccer is in the top two. Transition: Finally in the fifth cause I am going to talk to you about the impact of soccer players in the world. V. Impact of soccer players in the world...
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