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  • Published : April 27, 2011
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A school uniform is more that just apparel, it is a symbol of respect, unity, intelligence, belonging, and it is also a symbol of a brighter future. It symbolizes a brighter future because a child goes to school in order to fulfill his or her dreams such as being better nurses, lawyers, and better politicians who are an area where Belize cannot afford to falter anymore. There are many schools in every district, so distinguish between students of the different schools; a uniform comes in very handy. It reflects a further sense of organization within our country’s education system. It is easy to tell which students go to which school. It allows one to be able to give a better description of a child, should in case of a crime. Imagine

If high school students were allowed to dress casually; it would cause mixed feelings within many students who cannot afford dress like others. It would cause an additional distraction to students since students might want to compete with each other in regards to the way they dress. Certain cultures like the Taiwanese for a example who would seem to dress a bit different from other students from going to school everyday knowing someone will make fun of their attire. This is the last thing that good institution would want. Allowing students to dress how they want would bring rise unnecessary problems such as students dressing borderline indecent. Many young people nowadays dress according to American fashion in music videos and so fort. Therefore, some boys would want to dress in pants to baggy or skinny jeans way below the buttocks. Some girls would want to dress too tight or too revealing. These dressing styles are obviously not appropriate for an environment where learning is the first priority. Last but definitely not least, uniforms are affordable enough for every student to have. Purchasing or having someone sow a couple uniforms is way cheaper than buying several different, t-shirts, blouses or jeans since we all know that no...
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