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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Dear Dr. Jones,
As a student, I am constantly running frantically all over the place. Go to school, go to practice, go to driver’s education, go home, do homework, go to bed, and repeat. These strenuous schedules currently bombard our everyday lives, leaving us no wiggle room and very few breaks. Ever since kindergarten our generation has had six hour school days. We have all built our lives around school, always remembering that school comes first. Changing this structured schedule that has been planted in our brains since childhood might very well have a spiral of negative effects. I have recently been informed of your proposal to add an extra hour to our school day, and though I am sure you have the right intentions, I do not think that this will benefit us as students. A survey conducted at our school verified that 98% of the student body here at North Kitsap High School would not like having an extra school hour, and the students weren’t the only ones that didn’t think it would be a good idea. Four out of every five teachers thought that with the lengthening of our day, more bad would come than good.

One big issue with this change is that there will be less time for sports and after school activities. As it is, some of the sports, such as girls’ basketball, don’t end until the shockingly late time of 7:00. With an extra hour on the day it wouldn’t get out until 8:00, and some people have personal affairs to attend to after sports. For example, after I get done with gymnastics practice, I have to sit at driver’s education for two hours, then come home and do homework and chores before I go to bed. With all these stress inducing activities going on, a lot of us wouldn’t get to sleep until very late at night. This would affect our stress level and our mental state in class, greatly diminishing our grades. Why not just cancel sports you ask? Studies have shown that sports and other after school activities play a big role in the lives of students. Sports...
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