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Topics: Education, Dress code, Uniforms Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The question of uniforms at school is becoming more pertinent to our society. Wearing a school uniform is a breach of children’s individuality and self expression. Everyone is unique and so making people wear a school uniform takes away their personality. May this be the reason which discourages them from performing to their full potentials? People believe that if students wore their own clothes they would get judged on how they look. However no matter, what you dress in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon their peers. If it’s not based on the style of clothes you wear, there are many other superficial ways to judge people and form cliques. Uniforms don’t always ensure equality among students. They can actually encourage racism and rivalry between different schools.

I tell you that for a fact that not wearing a school uniform actually decreases the number of detentions you get.
You may think this sounds stupid, but it is true!
Have you ever had one of those bad days where everything seems to go wrong? When something bad happens unexpectedly? Well I’m talking about my friend. The other day she got in trouble because her skirt was too high. Seriously if school uniform was abolished, it wouldn’t lead to this. Detention for such a pointless reason! No way. I surrender... That friend was me!

We all know that school uniforms are expensive. Uniforms make parent spend money unnecessarily. They tend to be more expensive than the daily clothes we wear, outside of school. Uniforms can cost a lot, especially when more than one child is attending school.

Overall, I personally think that school uniforms should be abolished. Uniforms don’t let us express who we really are. They are expensive and often waste a lot of money, when children grow out of them.

Please consider taking action on this vital issue. I would truly appreciate it if you would put some time and thought on this case and put my points into consideration.
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