Persuasive Graduation Speech

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  • Published : May 15, 2008
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To anyone who has ever walked across the stage, in a cap and gown costume, announcing to the world that you have just overcome tweleve trechearous years in school only to…
(be able to answer…..the NOW WHAT???!!! Question of what to do with your life.)
At this age there is not much you do not know; or so you and your educators have convinced yourself to believe. Until now, you may have been able to answer every essay question, multiple choice, etc. kind of test question out there. This is why it shocks you when you don’t know the exact answer to who you want to be in life, what charities you want to give to when you’re 40, or what you would like done to your corpse when you perish.

Yet, seemingly smart, you elect to go the to the University just as every other pal of yours in the graduating class (of 2008). Let me ask you: Mommy and Daddy’s decision or yours?
This is when it all truly begins. The upper middle class teenagers dwindle on the dires of young adulthood. Your constant uphill battle to understand the world we live in and where you might belong in its mess begins here. This is when you truly discover Society.

Post-graduation is undoubtly the first time that you manicured and jaded beings feel the pressure of society. There has never been such ample o opportunity and the world lingers at your finger tips. However, the only “right” decision is to go off and spend this precious period of growth at college.

Ask yourself though; “right” to whom? To you? To the girl in your class that worships her sister’s sorority life? To that skeeze-ball of a long-term significant other? To your mom? To your brother?

Unfortunately, the time has come where you get to become responsible for more than just doing the dishes on Thursdays. You finally begin the age-old decision making process and usually ruin your credit score in the process. It is time to become the director in your own play, which is that of “Life.”

Don’t worry about the future, and know...
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