Persuasive Essay. Women Equality

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Drake Rodriguez
English 35
Women Equality with Society
Since, begin of time, people would argue if women have finally been able to achieve equality? Sports have been around for years, and women are starting to be involved as much as men, which is good. In a workplace women are being treated the same. A woman has gotten the same education as men and it is good for Americans to improve knowledge. Because, women have had the chance to have equality, it has made Americans happier! First of all, because women are being treated equal, sports improved. My opponents would argue that sports are for men only, and that it’s bad for women to compete. They should see some facts! There are more women in the world then men and because they are brought into sports, there is more competition and more viewers! Although, women have fully achieved equality it has open with the possibility to create new sports. My friend had the idea of trying out for football to get the point across that women can play to. She would train until she felt pain. Her training went on for months. She went to the tryouts, and she saw that there were no other girls. The boys would look at her because she was a girl and it was something new to them. She kept up with the practice and was told she made the team. She was joyful. Later on she thanked the coach for giving her the opportunity to try out for the team. Today, women are involved in sports equally and that has led Americans to be happier. Second of all, women have been treated equally and that has been better for companies. My opponents would argue that women should be at home cooking and they should take care of their kids. My opponents would also say that working is for men and if given a job, it should be nothing with a lot of responsibility. Here is where they are wrong! Although, women have achieved equality in workplace they have been able to improve work production and women can handle a lot of...
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