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  • Published : September 30, 2011
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Fun In The U.A.E.
Going for a whole semester to U.A.E., and your worried that you know nothing over there so you’re not going to have fun? Don’t you worry because I’m going to tell you how to have fun in U.A.E. At first, you need the perfect place to stay in. A place where you feel comfortable with. If you like to stay in a full house, most Dubai and Abu-Dhabi hotel have these kind or room so in one room, there will be: * One or two bedrooms

* More than one bathroom
* A living room
* A kitchen
* And a washing machine
And of course the prices are perfect. In addition, there’s a swimming pool, gym, massage and spa room, morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if like to have just one room with a bathroom. Dubai Hotel and Resorts are opened for you. Same services and with perfect prices also. As for the fun, most people say Dubai Mall is the perfect place and I totally agree. Fun begins with the largest fountain in the world “Dubai Dancing Fountain” you can watch the fountain dances according to the music, it goes up for about 150m,now that’s what I call a fun. From the same view, you can see “Burj Khalifa” on your right. Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world with a height of 825m long and got for about 160 floor and 7 extra floors. For automatic glass washing machine and 30 roofs at the top. Around Burj Khalifa ,at the left Dubai Mall world’s largest mall that got a fish tank with high of 3 floors, skating area , and a space for 1200 store. Beside Khalifa tower about 18 towers and 347 VIP wings beside the tower. Pausing through Zayed Street is a whole adventure. On your night and left side , towers and buildings with different shape and amazing designs that attracts visitors. Each building is special in something its height, shape, design, or point of view. When visiting a country, it’s nice to learn about the culture too. So “Dubai old city” makes you find out more UAE culture....
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