Persuasive Essay - the Arts in the Education

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Directions Essay Where the information for the essay came from

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Directions: Write a persuasive essay about the relative importance of the arts in education. (First read at least two of the following). ■ The Arts are Nice, But... rts%20in%20the%20Basic%20Curriculum/perrin1.htm Music and the Mind Learning and the Arts Education Through the Arts in Secondary Schools rts%20in%20the%20Basic%20Curriculum/perrin2.htm Multiple Intelligences High School Seniors Lag in Math, Reading (log into Pioneer Library first, and go to SIRS) &key=&res=Y&ren=Y&gov=Y&lnk=N&ic=N Benefits of learning to play an instrument

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Take a position on the issue, either: The arts are just as important as the "solid subjects" (math, English, science, history), and schools should require students to take classes in art, music, dance or literature. OR: The arts are not as important as the "solid subjects", and schools should not have to offer classes in the arts for all students. Structure: ■ ■ ■ ■ You may begin with whichever of the above positions you choose to support as your first sentence. Include one direct quote in quotation marks from each of the two articles you read. At the end of the quote, put the author's last name in parenthesis. Make sure to include two examples of personal experiences (yours, or that of someone you know well) to help support...
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