Persuasive Essay - Teens and Minimum Wage (Gr. 11 English)

Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, University Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Minimum wage shouldn’t be lower for teens. If teens had a higher minimum wage it could help for different reasons.
Teens that may be attending or saving for college or university may need a higher wage to be able to afford to attend. Colleges and universities can cost from one to tens of thousands of dollars in affording costs of attending. Teen who receive a low wage may not be able to afford the costs for admission fees, book fees, living expenses, and etc. Some teens may need transportation to get to the college or university, and this can get expensive over time. With a higher minimum wage they could be able to afford to attend college or university.

Having a higher minimum wage for teens could help teens who don’t have a stable house hold. If they had a higher pay they could be able to buy their own food, clothing, and other necessities. It could also help for teens that need to help paying bills, and/or rent. Also, it can give teens freedom with their money by having extra money to save for something or to spend.

With a higher minimum wage could help teens learn how to use money properly and learn how to save it. Teens who have a higher paying job may want to learn how to budget, to save money, and to be prepared for the future. This can help teens learn how to save money for expensive purchases and inexpensive purchases, such as a car, or some clothing. With higher minimum wage it can help teens prepare for the future and learn how to use they’re money properly, with some help for parents, teachers, etc.

Teens should have a higher minimum wage because it can help in preparing them for different situations in the future and learn how to use money properly.
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