Persuasive Essay - Should School Officials Be Allowed to Search Students? Pro-Search

Topics: Education, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: May 28, 2013
At school, safety of the staff and students is the number one concern. If someone does not feel safe, then it’s hard to remain focused on the task at hand. Everyone in the school has the right to an education, and to feel safe. If someone gives another individual a reason to feel unsafe, or does something to jeopardize their safety, proper measures should be taken. I believe that school officials should have the right to search students’ lockers and book bags for security reasons. Each and every student that is currently enrolled in any school knows exactly what is and what isn’t permitted to be brought to school. At Oromocto High School, the teachers make it very clear by thoroughly explaining the rules on the first day. Under no circumstances should any student be in possession of anything at school that is not allowed. If a school official asked to search a student’s locker or bag, there should be no hesitation. Unless the student had something to hide, or claimed that it was not fair, I do not see any reason for a student to resist a security check. Personal products such as deodorants, makeup and feminine products could be stowed away in a clear case, and would not be thoroughly examined, unless there was a reason. In this day and age, safety has to be one of the things most focused on in schools around the world with the amount of drugs and violence. The ability to search students’ possessions would most definitely save many lives. No student would be bringing weapons to school, which would lower the amount of school shootings that occur yearly, or any violence in general. It would also significantly decrease the amount of drug circulation amongst teenagers. This will also prevent some health issues that are triggered by drugs. Not only are these two reasons beneficial to staff and students, they are also beneficial for the families of the faculty and the pupils. It creates a more positive and secure learning environment, making it easier to learn and to...
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