Persuasive Essay on Vegetarian

Topics: Meat, Vegetarianism, Hypertension Pages: 4 (1519 words) Published: February 25, 2013
There is one Chinesee proverb: "Disease comes in through the mouth; out through the mouth, misfotune comes" I will not talk about the second phrase, which made many monks silenced for life. The first part - about the food-cause of our illness - must has been experienced by each one of us. Was our been-through headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, rash, et cetera? These are just namely a few immediate results. A tree, which is well-fertilized, gives us lush fruits and fragant flowers; vice versa, it is a barren tree. Humans, too, if eating right, we will be healthy, happy and wise; vice versa, we could be sick, cruel and ignorant. What is eating right, naturally? For example, in nature, an elephant is born eating grass, a tiger is born feeding on meat. Let us try to examine what people are born to eat!

First of all, the teeth. Our teeth do not look like the teeth of carnivores; it looks like the teeth of species that eat vegetable, grass, flowers, fruits and tubers.
Carnivores sweat through their tongues. Therefore, on hot days, we can see dogs or tigers sticking out their tongues, sweating perspiration (not saliva); whereas humans as well as vegetarian animals sweat through the pores on the skin.

Normally, carnivores' bowels are three times their lengths; if a tiger is one meter long, its bowel is pretty much three meters. This ratio of herbivores is about ten or twelve to one, which means the bowel of a one-meter buffalo can be up to twelve meters long. Our intestines' average length is twenty-five feet. Creation is right about this point. Meat rots fast so it should be excreted slowly in order for us to suck all the nutrients.

The stomach acid concentration of carnivores is ten times stronger than that of herbivores. We can easily guess idea of natural selection here since meat is more indigestible than vegetables. Our stomach acid concentration shows that we are closer to herbivores. So, when we eat a lot of meat or fish, we feel uncomfortable, gassy...
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