Persuasive Essay on Outsourcing

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Dana Short
Outsourcing Persuasive Essay
Henry 6th

Outsourcing is bad for America because it takes jobs away from tax paying citizens, decreases the National Gross of our country, and it encourages imports that aren’t made to American standards and quality. Outsourcing overall is bad for America because it takes away from U.S. resources, and lowers the need for our products since we import most of what we sell. American companies take a loss from outsourcing because now people in other countries are doing the jobs that they live on, or went to school for.

Taking jobs away from tax paying citizens is unfortunate because without a job, they have no source of income because someone in a foreign country is now doing their manufacturing job. Without a source of income, their credit drops which make it harder to buy a car or put a loan down on a house. Encouraging importants that aren’t made to American standards is very bad for our economy because we end up spending more money because things are made poorly overseas and break.

The profits from their hard work overseas go to the manual laborers. This means the profits, as well as the costs and payments for materials are going around foreign countries, not the U.S. These dollars circulate around other countries which means they don’t generate a tax revenue or wages which proceed to be spent on families. U.S. citizens then begin to stop purchasing U.S. made products because of the expense of it, which hurts American based manufacturing companies. Outsourcing hurts Americans in our jobs and overall economy.
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