Persuasive Essay on How to Fix the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been exhausting its natural resources in the past decade, but with a few economic and priority changes, it is possible for the country to promote sustainability, increase their wealth and help the Congolese citizens simultaneously. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (or DRC for short) currently is at war, in short, rebel groups are fighting to take the natural wealth hidden in the DRC like gold, diamonds, colbolt, and other precious elements. The war is distorting the Congolese’s economy. The DRC depends almost entirely on their natural resources as a main income source. The DRC is also in a position that could make use of vast unused land, as well as create industry by investing in renewable energies. An end of the war and development of social structure would greatly improve the lives of Congolese citizens. To further comprehend how the DRC and their people could benefit from a plan promoting the renewable energy industry, the country’s war must be examined. The DRC has had a seemingly endless war continuing since 1996, the war is the biggest obstacle that separates the DRC from what it is today and its vast potential. Nobel peace prize winner, Wangari Mathaai, described the war perfectly by saying “these wars when you look at them, they are all about resources and who is going to control them.” (1). The war in DRC is not known about to most because major media outlets do not cover the story closely; however, the war is the deadliest conflict since the second world war and around 45,000 people die each month in the fight (2). The DRC needs help from the United Nations, the UN are the only people who can stop this resource war that has been waged by Uganda and Rwanda. With one economic sanction that barred any trade of minerals with the two countries, the funds for the war would end very quickly. The UN must not refuse the DRC’s plea's because by ordering the sanctions they would for all intensive purposes stop the war...
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