Persuasive Essay on Curfews

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Students under the age of seventeen have a curfew of 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 am on Friday and Saturday. The curfew ensures that all students should have no business in a public place or out on the streets late at night. There are obviously some valid reasons why this is enforced and I am completely in favor of this decision.

Many dangerous kinds of people come out late at night to see if they can get kids into some kind of trouble. Kids get kidnapped, raped and killed out in the open because its dark and nobody can see it happening. Illegal drug deals happen at night, again, because nobody can tell that they’re happening, and who’s out that late anyway? These times are decent and keep kids out of trouble in the dark.

What teen-favorite restaurants are open after curfew time? Not any. The only restaurants and public places that are open after 10pm/12am are very few fast food restaurants and bars. Teens 17 and under aren’t allowed in bars so where would you go that late? There is absolutely no reason why any teen or child would be out late without a parent and/or guardian.

Nothing is worse than one extremely worried parent. Personally, if I don’t answer a call or answer a text within 5 minutes of receiving it, they already think I’m doing something wrong. Especially if it’s after the city curfew. Most parents (much like mine) worry dearly for their teenager. At night who knows what runs through a parents mind when their child is having fun with friends. They might think their kids are out doing drugs, having sex(possibility of being on 16&Pregnant), speeding down streets, breaking into stores, sneaking into bars, getting drunk, etc. Although most of us aren’t, they think the worst of us. For the sake of a reassured parent, the curfew is a good thing.

In conclusion, the 10 pm weekday, 12 am weekend curfew is a very good choice for the city. Coming from a teenager, whose been yelled at and grounded for being home past curfew, it’s a good...
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