Persuasive Essay on Child Abuse

Topics: Punishment, Physical abuse, Child abuse Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Persuasive Essay

There are many ways to instill quality values into your child, but abuse is not one of them. Abuse creates fear and destroys self-confidence, as well as a loss of trust in parents, and adults alike. Some argue that physical contact is necessary if you want to make the child learn something, but I disagree. Child abuse is unjust, and there are many alternatives that can help to discipline your child without physically harming them.

To begin with, people do not have to hit children to make them understand a concept. Even if the child is being punished for something as serious as a federal offense, it doesn’t warrant abuse. If you want a child to learn things the way you teach it to them, then you have to build their trust, and hitting them is not going to solve anything. According to the National Child Abuse Statistics, more than five children die every day due to child abuse. Physical discipline leads to child abuse, so it cannot be practiced. In addition, the fear created from child abuse has many repercussions. The child will be afraid of all adults, including authority, and cause the child to become anti-social. Therefore, because of abuse, the child’s social future is automatically at risk. Also, the lack of trust the victim has in his/her parents are going to cause one of the two things. It could result in either rebellion, or a failure to comply with the parents overall. This assists in destroying the child’s future.

Also, there are many ways to avoid child abuse. If you are a parent, self-restraint is a start. But anger management classes or even anger medications are both great resources to assist in channeling your anger and intentions. Even with teenagers and young adults, child abuse is unacceptable in any situation. Instead of hitting your kid, use other methods for punishment that don’t involve physical contact. For example, you can limit the time they spend with their friends, or even their use of the internet.

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