Persuasive Essay - Most Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards

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  • Published : October 29, 2010
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Even though credit cards help families in unforeseen emergencies and purchases, credit cards should be used only by fiscally educated individuals who know how to make use of them properly. By reading on about the statistics of bankruptcies in the United States and using my own personal experience with filing bankruptcy, you will understand how costly it is to be unfamiliar about credit use and being financially irresponsible. Financial issues can cause unwanted stress, depression, and monetary struggles when those unpredicted adversities arise. Statistics show that in the United States, the population, as of July 2009, is estimated at 307,006,550 according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division and the number of people filing for bankruptcy in a day is 5,900. As a result, the financial fall of the economy will continue to rise each year if consumers and the government carry on the careless actions that have been taking place in the past years. Because there are millions of Americans who do not fall in to this category, it leads me to believe that numerous consumers are well informed of their finances, and comprehend how to manage their credit cards use.

From an individual’s article that was presented on, Bill Alvaro stated, “Sadly, many people do not realize the effects of too much credit card debt until they are in so deep that they don't see a way out (Paragraph 3). Every credit card holder starts with the opportunity and freedom of making sensible purchases and making payment on a later date. These numerous advantages can assists consumers concerning unexpected hospital visits, online purchases, or affordable vacations. Even large purchases such as a dishwasher or refrigerator can come in handy with credit cards use. These kinds of purchases and any other purchases made on a charge card come along with the credit card company charging an interest fee applied to the sum of the sale. This interest can build up rapidly if a...
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