Persuasive Essay- Beggars

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  • Published : November 23, 2011
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Persuasive essay- beggars

When you walk in the street and suddenly see a beggar asking for money, then you may have a dilemma about whether you should give him money or not; if they deserve the money or not. Here I am going to discuss this dilemma. A beggar sitting on the street may have gone trough very difficult time and tough experiences. Therefor, the last resort they have is to beg for money. But why should I give away my money to someone I do not know how would use them? Even though the beggars all have the same goal; ask for money, we can separate them into three different groups. The first group is those who only want the money for alcohol and drugs and felt that begging was the easiest way. The second group is those who have been struggling to get a job but gave up because they did not get one so they decided to start begging. The third group is the little minority of beggars who really have no other options. Begging is an ideology; an ideology that says that there is no better way than the easy way. In Norway there are a lot of helping organizations created only to help people who needs money but do not have. An example of some well known organizations is probably “Frelsesarmeen” and “Kirkens Bymisjon”. They know people who really are in need; but cannot afford money to buy clothes and food. Therefore, those organizations provide it to those who are in need. Furthermore, “Fattighuset” (or the poor house) is very famous among beggars. On Mondays and Tuesdays from 12PM to 3.30 PM they have clothing distribution, and on Fridays, they have food distribution from 12PM to 3.30 PM to all their members. According to SSB statistics measures how many people have a persistent low income over three years. Low income is regarded as less than 60% of the overall income level. For a single person, this amount is about 170 000 NOK on average for the years 2007-2009. Statistics from 2009 show that about 360 000 people in Norway earn less than 60% of the general...
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