Persuasive Essay About Finishing School Early

Topics: School, Education, Primary school Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: February 18, 2012
I am writing this essay to convince you that school hours should be cut for all Senior Primary students so that the day ends at 12pm. To persuade you to adopt my position regarding this suggestion I will be addressing the following topics; fatigue factor, saving money and also supporting the family income. By the end of this essay I hope that I would have convinced you that the school day needs to end at 12pm.

Finishing the school day at 12pm would eradicate what I will call “fatigue factor” and its side effects from the education system. Teachers are constantly trying to keep their classes on task and motivated. A task made harder and harder as the day wears on. Students become restless and disruptive as they become fatigued during the day. By finishing at 12pm students will be motivated to learn as the information for the day must be packed tightly into many shorter lessons, leaving no time for distraction or disruption.

It is a fact that running a school costs a lot of money.
By introducing a 12pm finish time, schools would be saving thousands of dollars a year in Electricity as the seven Senior Primary classes would not require lights or computers after 12pm. Furthermore the school would also save on excess water costs as the 180 students would not be draining the schools water resources through their drinking and toileting. A 12pm finish time makes huge financial sense to running a school successfully. Currently we are living in a Global Financial Crisis, and management of and saving of money is important not only at the school level, but also at the family level.

By closing Senior Primary classes at 12pm families in the Middle Park area will open up new opportunities for gaining a family income. Although not of “age” to be employed, Senior Primary classes could be given a special work permit that would enable them to be employed in jobs that others are reluctant to take up, including picking up rubbish in the street, cleaning toilets at the...
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