Persuasive Essay About Caesar

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Breaking the law Good or Bad

Many people break the law. Some do it for fun; others do it for personal benefits. However, Julius Caesar broke the law to gain control of Rome. He stated, “ If you must break the law, do it to seize power; in other cases, observe it “. With this statement a person can benefit society heavily if they break the law to seize power with the right intentions.

To begin with, breaking the law is not bad if lots of good comes from it. One way is when a country is created from a revolution from another country. Example of this is the United States of America. The USA was a colony of Great Britain back in the day. Much conflict arose between the two and eventually a revolution was started by the colonies. This was technically high treason to Britain, but the USA was able to win and gain its own power and has become one of the greatest countries in the world. Without a doubt, amazing things can come from breaking the law to obtain power.

Some people though might argue that some of the people who seize power become tyrants and dictators. This is true that many dictators have came to power in the world with their own revolution, but many of these leaders are starting to lose their power. Reflection of this were the recent events in Libya and Syria. There are huge revolutions to dethrone the tyrants that are in command. Which again this would be consider treason even though it is beneficial to the people of those countries. As one can see, to seize power by breaking the law is overall a good thing.

If a person has the right intentions for society, breaking the law to seize power can be extremely beneficial.
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