Persuasive Essay: Abolishing Animal Testing

Topics: Animal rights, Vivisection, Animal testing Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Pretend you are a rat in a lab about to be tested. There are big scary humans about to poke potentially poisonous needles into your skin. You are howling in pain. You don't know why they're doing this. Suddenly, you feel a cold finger on your spine. It pushes hard, and the pressure builds more and more and then Crack! You're dead. This is what takes place in the brutal practice of animal testing. Scientists practice this, and even more painful and harmful things on animals, to test the toxicity of chemicals. It's not just animals being affected in this process, but humans too. A drug that is passed on a mouse is completely irrelevant to its reaction in a human. We must eliminate animal testing because it is an unethical act of cruelness.

In the first place, animals are being killed after testing, which is considered immoral in today’s society. We are killing innocent animals for our benefits when there are other alternatives, such as computer stimulations, to choose from. Moreover, these same animals can be in a lovable family instead of a deadly lab. We all know life is valuable. You only get one shot at it. If it is so valuable, then why take away the life of innocent animals? Don’t they deserve a chance at life, too? Animals being killed after testing isn’t the only reason this problem must be eradicated, but also because it is harmful to humans.

Another important reason of why we must abolish the practice of animal testing is because it’s bad science. Although some people believe that the reason of deaths resulting in this method is not enough for it to be eliminated, we still must remember that a ‘few’ deaths can turn into many. The Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans. As you can see, this practice is already stirring up trouble. What is to happen if people die? Many businesses will be shut down, and many will lose their jobs. Harm is not all the havoc this brutal practice is...
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