Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Persuasive Essay
On a cool morning walking into school, I see many kids panicking and stressed because their work isn’t finished or they didn’t have enough time. I also hear how many kids do not get enough exercise in their day because of their schoolwork or they are so tired that they go home and relax. As I was walking into school I heard a conversation between to boys as one said, “Can you believe all the work we had last night, it’s really stressing me out and I don’t even get time to go outside and shoot hoops.” As the other boy agreed he said, “ I know I have no time to go for a run or have a fun time with friends outside.” When I heard this conversation I thought what a great idea to have a field day for one day out of the year so kids can exercise and relieve stress with their friends. Advantages and privileges may seem preposterous for a freshman class, but not if it can help out the students. One advantage that you may think would lead to something bad, it may turn out to not be so bad after all. A field day is good for a freshman class because it will get our stress and energy out by doing something healthy, like running and exercising. Having a field day is also promoting your school to be fun and not just classwork. It will attract students and also let them be open-minded. You could even plan activities for the students to do outside, so it will keep everyone contained and still involves participation, but isn’t so boring as just sitting in a classroom. This is also an effective way to learn because students aren’t always just looking to sit in a classroom and learn. They want to learn in a fun way and they want something to look forward to during that class period. Teachers could take students out on the field for a lesson or even in the courtyard. This will make the students actively listen and enjoy fresh air, having a different style to learning. I believe if teachers tried this once they would see improvement in...
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