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Topics: Law, United States, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Are all of our laws here in the United States concrete or are there some circumstances where laws can be broken? Should we say that all of our laws should never be broken or are there areas that are gray? I would think that Martin Luther King and many other African Americans would say that if they had not broken the law they may not have the freedom they do today. John Rawls, a famous political philosopher of the twentieth century also believed that there were and still are certain circumstances where breaking the law is justifiable. Our government makes our laws to protect us and to keep us safe, but what happens when those laws fail us, are there any exceptions to our laws?

One instance I would like for you to consider is what would you do if a robber was to break into your house? The robber is unarmed, but at the time you did not realize this and you shoot and kill the robber trying to protect you and your family. You actually broke a law, but should you be held responsible or should there be an exception to the law? You could be arrested and charged with murder. Would that be fair or just, moral or immoral? Should a person ever be charged with a crime for protecting what is theirs, or for protecting himself or his family? Most likely in today’s society you would not be charged with the crime it would be ruled as self defense, but it may not and a person could go to prison for the crime they committed.

Let us consider another circumstance. What if you were breaking the law by standing up for something that you believed in, but what you are doing is against the law? Let’s say for instance that you and a group of people are rallying for an environmental cause, but you did not receive all of the proper permits to be picketing where you are at; should you call of the picket because you did not receive all of your permits, or should you continue with your plan even though you are breaking the law and could be charged with a crime? You are in...
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