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Persuasive Writing: Getting Controversial

COM 301

International Communications

The goal of this memo is to persuade high school senior, Micah Jackson to join the marines. Former President Ronald Reagan once said "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." I briefly spoke to Micah over the phone and set up an interview to come in my office to talk about joining the marines. Micah was very skeptical, however, he did tell me about a few things that were important to him. He also told me about some things that he thought he needed for him to be successful in life. He told me that he wanted to be physically fit, he wanted to travel and he wanted to have financial security and benefits.

There is no question in my mind that you will get physically fit while in the Marine Corps. From the moment you decide to enlist in the Marines, you will have made a commitment to physical fitness. Before you go to recruit training we will conduct what are called pool functions. During these weekly meetings, we will have you doing pull-ups, sit-ups and even running. This is just to prepare you for the intense physical training that you will receive at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. While you are in recruit training, you will begin with a one and a half mile run, then you will work your way up to three to five miles a day. Even after you graduate recruit training, the Marine Corps offers organized athletics and even has free recreational facilities, many that stay open 24 hours, that way you will be able to maintain your physique. With all that being said, I know that you can see how you can get physically fit and stay that way.

While in the Marine Corps you will be able to travel because of world wide deployments and military operations going on around the world. In addition to the military operations, we also have what is called embassy duty. U.S. Embassies...
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