Persuasive Essay 1900-1925 Indigenous Australia

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Persuasive essay 1900-1925
The historical era from 1900-1925 is the most important because it was when the government was going through with a practise that was against a national law yet it was still being enforced. To begin with A. O. Neville was issued protector of aborigines which let him dominate aboriginal life for over 20 years. Secondly, learning about the stolen generation will inform us about how things were done in the past. Thirdly we should be educated to WHY the stolen generation even took its place in our Australian History. A. O. Neville was announced as protector of aborigines, he controlled aboriginal life for 20 years. He was most concerned about babies that had at least one white parent and thought that they should be brought up white and marry white. He thought he could eradicate aboriginal colour and culture; he issued this as the ‘Aboriginal Problem’. We need to learn about this because we should know what this man has done and what he has caused. When the stolen generation was occurring only half-cast children were taken. Half-cast meaning one parent was white and the other was Aboriginal. Only half-cast children were taken because they believed that they could soon eradicate the culture and colour out of the young children. The children that were stolen were brought up in white communities and taught not to follow the aboriginal culture. Most were put into foster homes and used as servant and others were put into missions. Many we exposed to abuse. Acquiring this topic will teach us so much about how the government had a faux pas. When the British started settling in Australia they started controlling the lives of the Aboriginals with the thought of them dying out anyway. The police had monstrous power they were authorized to confiscate children from the Aboriginal families, from 1910 onwards an estimate of 50 000 children were forcibly removed from their families. With over 30 years of psychological trauma this practise was to change...
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