Persuasive Essay

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Isaias Santos
April 2, 2013

Persuasive Essay

If school were cyber and all of the classes were online students wouldn't learn the way they would if they were being taught in a regular classroom. It would be much easier I think if students were taught online because they would be focused more and wouldn't have as many distractions. Students will most likely will turn in all of their school work done on time. Also it would be good for students that have jobs that give them a good amount of hours during the week. Even though it is not like a regular classroom you can still contact a teacher through online chat or an email.

Online school isn't that bad of an idea. Students would focus more on the school work. In a regular classroom students might sit next to their best friends and easily get distracted. MIght start conversations in class and easily get of topic and end up not doing the work. It would be difficult to get distracted if you are home doing the work on the internet. You wouldn't have anybody to talk to but you're teacher or fellow class mates through online chat. Yeah students might get distracted because of their phones but parents can easily take their phones away till their lessons over.

If given class work, projects, ect. students would turn in their projects on time. There would be no distractions. They can get the assignment and get straight to work. In a classroom it would be different because sometimes it takes a while to get the student quiet and to listen. If school was online teachers wouldn't have that problem. Using online chat the teacher can give the assignment and all the students just do the assignment.

This would be really good for the students that have a full time job or a job that gives them a good amount of hours. They could go to work, come back and get the rest that they need and be ready to learn. If a student had a job and had to go to school it would be difficult for the student due lack of sleep,...
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