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Topics: E-learning, Formative assessment, E-assessment Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Sophia Hickel
Mrs. Bauer
Honors English I
April 16, 2013
Online Testing, Phony or Real Thing?
Stressful scenarios are extremely common when it comes to High School. Relationships, friendships, and family issues are all contributing factors outside the classroom. Inside, however, there’s homework, projects, and most significantly, Online tests. Tests are meant to show what students have learned throughout a section, chapter, etc. But in some cases, they hurt more than they help. It may be that online tests give too much freedom to students with their education. Online courses should not be available to students in High School.

If students were allowed to online educate, there would be distraction after distraction. The student may not be in a class with 20 something students but they are at home with televisions, cell phones, food, and possible siblings. Lee Allen who is a professor at the University of Memphis in Tennessee states that the most influential traits to have while taking an online course self-discipline and management of time. (Rumble) Essortment online says, “A typical home has many distractions that could only lesson the effectiveness of online class.” (Greene) Both sources are correct. Homes have endless distractions especially for High School students who have more freedom than younger schools. Another issue with online courses is no teachers. Well, no physical teachers that is. Yes, it is possible to pre-record lessons and instructions. But, what if the student has questions? What if they don’t understand the lesson? Professors at Huffington University state, “Open educational resources don’t equal education. Access to a video of a lecture is not the same as access to a class.” (Kamenetz) There’s more than just an educational look on this topic. What about the emotional level? Students and their teachers develop a relationship throughout the school year which is a huge part of success in class. “Its here that the notion of students...
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