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  • Published: April 24, 2008
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One, Two, Three strikes you’re out at the old ball game! This is the 7th inning stretch chant at all baseball games. Baseball is an old sport that originated from the 18th century. Many people believe it’s a long and boring sport with nothing to it. After reading and understanding its history it should change someone’s view of the “boring sport”. Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of play in North American professional baseball. More specifically, Major League Baseball refers to the organization that operates North American professional baseball's two major leagues, the National League and the American League, by means of a joint organizational system which has existed between them since the 1900’s. Major League Baseball teams play a 162 game season. The American League operates under the Designated Hitter Rule, but the National League does not. In 2000, the American and National Leagues were officially divided as separate legal empower with all rights and functions consolidated in the commissioner's office. MLB effectively acts as a single league and as such it completes one of the major professional sports leagues of North America. Major League Baseball is controlled by an agreement that has undergone several structures, then called the N.L .Constitution, with the most recent revisions being made in 2005. Major League Baseball, under the direction of its Commissioner, hires and maintains the sport's umpiring crews, and negotiates marketing, labor, and television contracts. As is the case for most North American sports leagues, the "closed shop" aspect of MLB effectively halts the yearly promotion and delivery of teams into and out of the Major League by integrity of their performance. Major League Baseball is mostly funded by private enterprises, but also partially funded directly by public taxes. MLB maintains a unique, controlling relationship over the sport, including most aspects of minor league baseball. The production/multimedia wing of MLB is New York-based MLB Advanced Media which oversees and all 30 of the individual teams' websites. Its charter states that MLB Advanced Media holds editorial independence from the League itself, but it is indeed under the same ownership group and revenue-sharing plan. MLB Productions is a similarly-structured wing of the league, focusing on video and traditional broadcast media. (


There are over 30 teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball). They are split into two divisions which are the American League and the National League. They are still both part of the MLB even though they are split into two divisions. I.American League:

There are 14 teams in the American League. The American League is one of the two leagues that make up the MLB in the United States. It developed from the Western League a minor league based in the Great Lakes states that eventually pursued to Major League status. The A.L. is often called the Junior Circuit because it towered to Major League status in 1901, 25 years after the formation of the National League the American League champion plays the World Series against the National League champion after the end of every season. Through the 2007 season, American League teams have won over 60 of the 100World Series played since 1903. The American League remained a minor league during the 1900 Season; they did not renew their contract and declared themselves a major league team. The A.L. is the one of the Major Leagues to employ the DH (Designated Hitter) rule. By means, a team may designate a tenth player to bat in place of the pitcher. ( II.National League:

There are 16 teams in the National League. The National League is the oldest of the two existing major leagues and the world’s current professional team sports league. it is sometimes called the Senior Circuit in contrast to the "junior circuit" of the American League, The two league champions...
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