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Persuasive Essay

The Return of the Rams:
The Rams will make their long anticipated return to Los Angeles

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IntroductionPage: 1

Why St. Louis? Why not expand?Page: 1, 2

Can Los Angeles Support a teamPage: 3, 4

Farmers FieldPage: 4, 5

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The NFL and AEG Financial Services have come to terms of an agreement to move the St. Louis Rams back to the city of Los Angeles. With the Rams recent stadium renovation plans rejected by the city of St. Louis, AEG stepped in to buy the struggling franchise. The St. Louis Rams, once known as “the greatest show on turf”, have struggled both on and off the field. Aside from not having a winning record in almost a decade, the Rams have also finished in the bottom five in attendance each of the past four seasons. The NFL decided that it was time for a change and made a lot of Californians happy with this decision. The Rams will stay in the NFC West, keeping the current landscape in place, assuring the young Rams team an easy transition to California.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest markets in the country; it has two basketball teams, a hockey team, a soccer team and a baseball team, all of which thrive economically. The one key ingredient that was missing was a football team. While the previous football teams that were located in L.A. faltered because of poor attendance and a struggling California economy, AEG knows that won’t be the case today. Fans have been waiting 16 long years for a football team, and attendance numbers of the cities college team, the USC Trojans, indicate that fans are still here and ready to fully support the team. Having the Rams move to Los Angeles was ideal for both AEG and the NFL because the Rams already had ties with the city because they played their previously. This also allows FOX, the conference’s television provider, a share of the country’s second biggest market.

Construction of the new stadium, known as Farmers Field, has already begun with plans in place that it will be completed by the winter of 2012. The most intriguing statistic about the construction of the stadium is not how it looks, but how it will be built. . Farmer’s Field will set the standard in environmental sustainability with plans that used far less steel and concrete any other new stadiums and will feature solar technologies. In fact, an environmental report stated that the location selected is the best possible spot for a professional football team. Located at the “Grand Crossing”, the stadium is located on the border of four different counties meaning that the stadium would be within an hour drive of 15.5 million. To put that into prospective, that’s five percent of the country’s entire population. With this foundation set in place, we know that the NFL and city of Los Angeles will have a strong partnership for years to come.

Why St. Louis? Why not expand?

When making the decision on which team AEG and the NFL wanted to relocate, two things factored into their decision, these were attendance and on-field performance. While they narrowed their list down to five teams, which included the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers, only one stuck out which were the Rams. Each team presented a strong case but St. Louis was the only team that struggled in both categories. The Rams have not reached the playoffs since the 2003 season, which was also the last time that Rams finished with a winning record. An even worse statistic would be that the Rams have finished in the bottom five in attendance each of the past four seasons. Here is look at the Rams 2011 attendance statistics, they finished 31st out of 32 teams. Even during the season in which they made it to the Super bowl, St. Louis drew below the average NFL attendance.

2011 NFL Attendance Statistics

|Team |Games |Total...
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