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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Kakar Vanessa
English IV
Persuasive Essay

Being in high-school should definitely be the best four years of your life. Most people forget that these years is what usually makes up for the rest of your life. For example some people choose to study hard, pass their classes, and then have fun with the time they got left over. Others choose to use up all their time for fun and never pass classes or dedicate any type of time towards their education and usually get held back a couple of years like I did. If you really want to make high-school the best years of your life then I would suggest choosing option A so that you enjoy all the festivities and parties with friends without having to make-up for lost time. For some odd reason many kids believe that when you get into trouble, it makes you look like a cool guy or girl to all of your peers. In reality your only labeling yourself as being the troublemaker slacker that doesn’t make it anywhere in life to your teachers. Not to mention you make yourself look like an idiot to the smarter kids at your school. What most kids don’t know is that if your one of those kids that does good and gets his work done on time and passes all his classes then the counselors will give you a little less attention than to the kids who never do work and are always in trouble and never passes their classes. So if you’re a bad kid and you wonder why you get into so much trouble it’s because you’re causing too much attention to yourself and you never do anything that can justify your badness as being good or being minor. So don’t get into trouble if you know that it can risk you getting kicked out and losing those years that should be the best of your life. Another thing that holds a lot of kids back is being in a romantic relationship with somebody. I’m not saying it’s not good to be in love or care for another person, but if that is what’s holding you back from achieving your goals then there has to be a problem...
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