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  • Published : July 20, 2012
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The elderly should receive free bus rides. While some people believe they should have to pay like everybody else, I strongly support this because they have already served our communities so now the community and society should serve them.

The first reason I have to support my opinion is when they were younger they had jobs, paid taxes and they shouldn’t have to pay for a bus ride. One example that shows this to be true is the high employment rate back when they were younger. Another detail supporting this is when they get older they usually are put on a fixed income.

The second reason I have to support my opinion is in society older people help the local parents by watching out for the neighborhood kids. One example that shows this to be true is when I was younger when I was outside fighting our older next door neighbor, an elderly neighbor called my mom and she came and broke it up and took me home. Another detail supporting this when my brother was doing something another elderly neighbor called and told on him.

I definitely believe that elderly should not have to pay for bus rides. However, many people disagree with my point of view; they fell feel everybody should pay because they have to so they are being selfish. They don’t understand they will get bus rides free when they get old to.

The elders should receive free bus rides. They have done some good stuff for the communities they help people when they need babysitters. They’ve helped everyone in the community at least once.
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