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One characteristic flaw that I possess is procrastination. Procrastination is putting something off until the very last minute or until it needs immediate attention and to be done immediately. In my life this happens almost every day, it happens with homework, projects, sports, getting up and ready for school and even getting ready to go out at night on the weekends. The thing I most procrastinate on is doing homework. Usually after school when I was little my mom would be home from work, and she would make me do my homework right when I got in from school before I did anything else like play outside or watch T.V. That has changed so dramatically from then to now, nowadays after school I either go out with my friends, go home and eat and watch T.V, go on my iPhone and use Twitter, Facebook and texting and so much more. I never seem to do my homework after school and I wait until ten o’clock at night to do my homework almost every night now. Which also messes with my sleeping schedule, I start homework at ten and don’t usually finish until twelve or close to one.

The second thing that I procrastinate on the most is projects. In high school a teacher will give you about two to three weeks on a large project and about a week for a small project. Most students start there project the week assigned, me on the other hand I do not usually start that project until the week it is due. Sometimes on essays and small projects I don’t start it until a day or two before it is due. This is a very bad habit because sometimes is can affect the grade you receive greatly. Most of the time when you don’t start a project until the week or a day before due it doesn’t come out as good as some of the others and usually doesn’t have lots of detail like the others. When I do start a project a week or two in advance it comes out fantastic but also sometimes if I start it and not finish then it gets pushed off to be finished that week of. Therefore my procrastination is never really...
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