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Topics: Employment, Want, Chief Technology Officer of the United States Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: December 16, 2012

To: Christopher O’Connor, Vice President Business Development Mark Parsons, Chief Technology Officer
Date: December 1, 2012
Subject: Improving Business Results through Employee Training.

In the spirit of the challenge set forth by our President and CEO, Jacqueline Marcus, I want to present my idea for improving Persuade Cafes business results. During the employee satisfaction survey it was reported that sixty three percent of the employees felt that there is a lack of training within the company for them to do their job proficiently. Employees who feel that they are lacking in job knowledge and skill become frustrated and that frustration can be passed on to the customers. For a manager, training can be one of the most important elements of individual and departmental success and yet as our survey shows it is the most neglected part of the employees on-boarding and retention. Training should be our most critical component of delivering the companies branding promise and a huge factor in word of mouth promotion for our firm.

There are five reasons that training at orientation and beyond has to become and remain a top priority with our firm.

1. Training applies to every day of every employee's life.

2. Training ensures the employee knows how to deal with our mission.

3. Training provides professional growth and motivation for the employees.

4. Training will set Persuade Café apart from the competitors.

5. Training results in happy customers

The best way to equip the employees for our competitive and fast-changing business is to initiate online employee training. Businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions have found that online employee training provides important advantages over conventional classroom-based training. A few of the factors that make online employee training a good alternative to classroom instruction as well as cost effective are:

• Online...
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