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Topics: Better, Improve, Horse Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 25, 2012
1. The subject of my Persuasive Presentation is: Equestrian Physical Therapy.

2. My thesis, the statement of my personal position, is: Equestrian Physical Therapy should be covered by insurance companies.

3. Web Address: The families of four patients made comments that after their disabled children underwent sessions of equestrian therapy, they noticed many physical improvements. Among these improvements were better posture, less falling when walking, head control, and improved gait, among many other improvements. Parents of the children also made comments that the children thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and did not consider their session’s therapy. Out of ten sessions, the attendance of the riders and parents were almost perfect and the children reported an improvement in their self-image. It also gave the children an opportunity to participate in something their able-bodied peers were not able to.

4. Web Address: In this study persons of all ages were questioned to see how often and why an injury occurs while participating in equestrian activities. 88% of people said their injuries occurred while riding, such as riding too fast, not concentrating, the horse stumbling, and/or defective material. The remaining12% claimed injuries occurred while grooming, dismounting or mounting the horse, or the horse took fright. Long term disabilities or injuries were reported in 41% of the surveyors even though the original impact of the injury was very “low” on the injury scale.
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