Persuasion and Conformity Scenario

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Persuasion and Conformity Scenario
Katrina M. Parker
February 6, 2011
Erick Lear

Persuasion and Conformity Scenario
I believe that both teenagers could have been easily persuaded by a group of their peers. Although, Donnie did not have as many friends as John, I felt that because of John’s popularity it crippled him to becoming the one most likely to be persuaded by peer pressure. John is a confident person and once he is in his confront zone he can do whatever it is that he wants to do, but since he had just started the University he was needing to be befriend; which tells me that he would result to drinking, using drugs or skipping class just to fit in. According to the opinion on one of my peers, they believe that Donnie was the one most likely to be influenced by peer pressure. Donnie does have fewer friends than John, this is true, but being popular can also be a negative within itself, because in order to stay popular one may be influenced by peers to drink, use drugs and commit to other irresponsible behavior. “Donnie has already determined a career path, therefore making it likely that he will try to fit in with others who seem to want the same career path. If these others are using drugs or skipping class, it is likely that Donnie will do the same so that he can be like them” (Peer, 2011). I believe that because Donnie is so focused on his studies and career in music that peer pressure is the least of his worry. John does not seem to be worried about his career or studies like Donnie, which makes him vulnerable to peer pressure because John is so worried about pleasing others and being popular, that he has forgotten about himself.
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