Persuading People to Become Organ Donors

Topics: Organ donation, Death, Donation Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Andrew Wright


Specific Purpose: To persuade people to become organ donors. Thesis Statement: Everyone can help save lives by donating your vital organs after you have passed away. Intro:
By the time this day ends approximately fifteen people will have died needlessly. Not due to car crashes, gang violence or drug overdoses. Surprisingly they will have died from the simple act of waiting. They died while waiting for a much needed organ donation to replace their failing organ. For days, weeks even months they had hoped to receive news that somebody, somewhere had selflessly volunteered to donate their organs upon their death to another human being living on borrowed time. That news never came and time ran out. Perfectly good organs were buried with another non-donor who had no use for them anyhow because that person was already dead, yet without agreeing to give up their organs upon their death another life will be lost. Everyone can help to save lives by donating your vital organs after you have passed away. You will have no further need for them and I promise, you won’t even notice they are gone.

I. Why should people donate?
1. One donor can save/improve lives of fifty people.
2. Thousands of people waiting on donated organs.
3. 10% of those waiting are children.
II. Who can donate organs?
1. Most people are eligible to donate.
2. Age is not a factor.
3. Medical conditions don’t rule you out.

III. What can be donated?
1. Organs such as kidneys, liver, lungs and heart.
2. Tissue for skin graph ting
3. Blood is always in high demand.

IV. Types of donations.
1. Organs donated by living donors.
2. Specific organs given by deceased donors.
3. Whole body donations made by deceased donors.

Deciding to become an organ donor is a very personal decision. It is your body and you have the right to do with it as you please. I will only leave you with some food for thought. Do...
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