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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Persuasive Speech Outline
Topic: Academic Pressure
Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that academic pressure can have a huge toll on a student’s mind and body. Primary Audience Outcome: I want the audience to know how they can reduce the stress level on their academic life. Introduction

(Attention catcher) In college life how many times do you stress yourself over academic problems? It’s financial aid, grades, exams, or other problems that come with the college life. (Listener relevance) Now, think about how much stress you are putting on your mind and body. Don’t you think you as a person should be able to keep your stress level down at this young of an age. (Thesis Statement) Academic pressure doesn’t just start in college, but as you get older you stress yourself out on maintaining a good GPA so you can get that good job when you finish school. (Preview on main points) I will first share some factors of academic pressure for students in school. Then, I will discuss some of the solutions that can possibly help you overcome academic pressure. Body

I. Academic pressure is one of the main reasons students don’t go through college or get super stressed out over their work load. College students may in fact experience the burnout phenomenon due to learning conditions that demand excessively high levels of effort and do not provide supportive mechanism that would facilitate effective coping. (Neumann and Reichel) a. Your environment can change you’re your academic pressure in a big way. i. Students have about an average of 10-15 hours per week. (Repak) 1. Our time as students are split between school work, family, and having a job. 2. Not having enough time for yourself to take a break and let your mind catch up with itself. ii. Also, not having enough money can cause your academic pressure to increase. 3. Dealing with money pressures can result in a...