Perspectives of the Limited War and the Emerging Threat of Terrorism in South Asia

Topics: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, United Nations Pages: 39 (12852 words) Published: August 20, 2010

1. 21st Century has witnessed terrorism as an emerging threat to world peace and security. Precipitated by the events of September 11th and its aftermath, the phenomenon transcends borders and impacts various regions of the world with varying intensities. Terrorism has various forms and manifestations; its spectrum is broad and deep running from religious/ideological extremism, sectarian intolerance, sub-national militant, regional geo-strategic/political dynamics and transnational/international trends. 2.Some of these trends can be linked to post 9/11 environment, while others are anchored in the past historical events .Pakistan has itself been a victim of terrorism since long, which is also perpetrated by foreign elements and their local facilitators. Terrorism continues to grow in the region and poses a potent threat to internal security of Pakistan. While external threat is discernable and Pakistan Army is fully trained and equipped to respond to it, internal security threat is intangible without clearly drawn line and boundaries and hence difficult to respond. 3.Foregoing in view, analyze terrorism as a facet of internal threat to the security of Pakistan, in the backdrop of our experience in combating terrorism. Also assess capability of law enforcing agencies (LEA), identify role of Pakistan Army and propose response to cope with the internal security threat spectrum.


4. The calculus of conflict today has changed the facets of war. A war that has no frontiers and many theatres, and virtually the enemy being confronted is too disparate & diffuse, to be defeated in a climatic battle we are in another long war i.e. the GWOT (Global War On Terrorism). Today the uni polar world witnesses the specter of catastrophic terrorism, whose ending concern is destruction. It’s daunting equally for great and small nations. The state actors are using terror to maintain their grip on power & non actors are using terror to disrupt a politico socio and economic order. in regions vested to their interests These interests, are formented to produce effects beyond the immediate physical damage of the cause and thus having a long term psychological repercussions on the particular targeted audience. The fear created by the terrorists may be intended to cause the people to over exaggerate the strength of terrorists and incidental impact of the cause to provoke governments over reaction, to discourage dissent or simply to intimidate and thereby enforce compliance to their demands. But factors too contribute to the initiation of terrorism. In the broader sense the Political systems based on centralization, paternalistic leaders unwilling to give up any powers, corruption and repression all contribute to the inability of much of the elements to keep pace with the rest of the world and resort to terrorist motives (Economist, 2002). Reasons that cultivated elements, with few outlets for reform, little chance for progress and offered spiritual, if not worldly, emancipation, little wonder many of the disenchanted turn to terrorism. 5. Two decades ago the terrorists attended to frame their activity in political and ideological terms, in recent times our increasing members view their activities in religious categories too...and the west accounts the crescent melded into the cauldron of extreme Islamic beliefs as one of the catalyst ground for this turmoil. Because it believes that Islamic extremist groups seem to be another avenue for challenging the status quo. Whereas the initial factors and nursing, nurturing and fostering of the cause rests within the west itself. Aim

6.To Analyze terrorism as a facet of internal threat to the security of Pakistan, in the backdrop of own experience in combating terrorism duly assessing capabilities of (LEA’s), identifying role of Pakistan Army in the ambit of proposing response to cope with...
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