Perspectives of Diversity

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Perspectives of Diversity

By | October 2012
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Perspectives of Diversity
University of Phoenix
Multicultural Psychology

Perspectives of Diversity
There are many aspects of culture and diversity, in addition each person has their perspectives on life that are guided by his or her own personal experiences. Consequently, there is a great deal to consider when approaching viewpoints on diversity. The important topics we wanted to discuss in this paper will cover overt discrimination, which relates to our upbringing and background experiences and how these shape our views and personal reality surrounding discrimination. Furthermore, we will address the integration and learning perspective and how this can create better outcomes for positive experiences and outlooks to diversity and cultural identities as they relate to workplace settings.

Overt Discrimination

Overt discrimination is obvious. It deters someone’s ability to perform his/her job or an activity. Overt discrimination can be particularly discriminatory to someone of a different race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and become a disadvantage of those either trying to get a job or operating in a position in a company. If overt discrimination is apparent in the hiring process an individual could have an unavoidable disadvantage to obtaining the position he or she is applying for. Implications of Overt Discrimination

Overt discrimination is open and certainly not hidden. Therefore, the implications can be severe. If the company or organization does not take the right steps to eradicate the discrimination in the workplace the employer may have to face litigation, possible closing of the business, loss of employees, and respect in the business world. Overt discrimination is easy to identify. There are sexual comments, pictures of sexualized pictures perhaps hanging in a cubicle, a man and a women in the same position but giving the man a raise not the women, promoting a man over a woman or vice versa,...

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