Perspective on Life

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Whenever we look up at the night sky we often wonder how much is real and how much is fake; we often realize how big, and spectacular the universe is, and how small we are compared to it. Do you ever wonder why we are who we are, or why we do what we do? I wonder why. I wonder why we make mistakes, and why we regret almost everything we do. Then one day I realized why we are who we are, and why we do what we do, and why we make mistakes. It simply because we are humans, and that what we do best. We were brought to life to do very simple things: live, reproduce, and die. Then we evolved, and became complex and started to learn, and develop a general sense of well being. We learned we could make fire, and we learned we could be civilized. And as time goes by, we became stronger, wiser, and smarter. We soon developed a sense of government, and a so called law system, like if you aren’t a king, you don’t own anything, but then that soon changed when a more modern society came about. And now look at humans, we have many different languages, we have religions, we have currency, and we have some type of belonging. Now we don’t have to come up with lies for how we got here, or lie about what’s real and what’s fake. We have science to prove how we got here, and science can tell us what’s real and what’s fake. So now if you look up at the night sky, we see beauty, and peace, and no matter in the world you are, you see this, and no matter how hard life is you always have something positive to look at. So if your still wondering what’s real, or what’s fake, look up and realize nothing that was here before we were is fake, and nothing that will be here a long time after us is fake. Life is real, and its just one thing that we have to enjoy, because not everyone gets a chance to live. Take your life for what it is, and just enjoy your life while you have it, and never let go of what you have.
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