Perspective on Health Care

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Perspective on Health Care

The history of health care has changed dramatically in the United States over the last 100 years. The most significant of those changes have occurred within the last 40 years. My personal interest in the history of health care is the advancement of technology and the progression of procedures to deliver adequate health care to everyone. Changing strategies to improve health care and access to healthcare for everyone is an area that I am interested in pursuing. I have experienced two different levels of healthcare in my life that have given me the opportunity of experiencing positive and negative outcomes to both levels. I will attempt to explain my experiences, opinions and research about the history of health care in the United States and the resources that I have found to be reliable.

One of the biggest interests I have about the history of health care is the vast amount of changes and advancements that have taken place in recent decades. The origin of our modern system of healthcare can be traced to the beginning of the twentieth century. It went from an inadequate and primitive, but relatively inexpensive, health care service to a quality care that is far better and technologically advanced coming at a very high price tag. With advancement in the health care field, we have adopted more complexities in costs, insurance, and available coverage that is very confusing for many. Even though we have progressed in advanced medicine and healthcare, we have what some say is a very inefficient system. The areas that I am interested in pursuing in healthcare are in the management of Health Data. Through assistive technologies and computerized systems, I hope to help bring some clarity to the healthcare services and access for everyone through the better practice of Information Technologies. Computerized systems are fairly new in the healthcare industry. I see that an age of information technology in the...
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