Perspective of Scholar-Practitioner Model

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, Doctorate Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 27, 2010
To have the designation of scholar is an academic honor that requires more than just having excellent grades it requires collaboration with those who have earned the title, participation in massive research projects, and the experience of portraying wisdom. We most often think of scholars as an elderly person who has years of devotion to a study. We take for granted their knowledge comes over time that teaches us more than the days will ever know. It takes extreme dedication to be a scholar. A scholar is a learned person who has also applied their education to the hands on practice of their environment, which interfaces their theory and research forming the concept of a practitioner. We most often think of practitioners as a person in the medical profession. We take for granted after a few weeks of doing something over and over qualifies us as a practitioner. It takes extreme dedication to be a practitioner.

The academic communities assert their activities produce scholars and assert the integration of theory and research practice can articulate credibility. The term scholar-practitioner is showing up more and more at academic and practitioner conferences as well as in literature (Wasserman, 2009). This theme evolved an inverse term, practitioner-scholar, primarily associated throughout the higher learning field with those involved in a Master’s degree program and the former in a doctorate curriculum.

This author as a next encounter to experience identifies the scholar-practitioner frame as the educational events and actions occurring each day through the Capella University Industrial-Organizational doctorate program to discover a personal forte. The intent is to incorporate extensive practical work experience in data sequences of mental health outcomes, the rigors of higher education, and produce the authors’ research and findings to professionally qualify with the PhD distinction.

The PhD experience for this author will be dissimilar than the past...
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